What’s up in cryptocurrencies?

As we all know, cryptocurrencies may be a huge gamble. We still remember when Bitcoin peaked at 19,500$ last December, Ethereum peaked 1400$ in the beginning of January (Arstechnica 2018).But how is it now? Today, 25th of March Coincap shows that Bitcoin’s value is about 8,500$ and Etherium is about 520$. That means a 56% drop for Bitcoin and a 63% drop for Ethereum in just a couple of months. But let’s go back a couple of months more. Last November those two values were the same as they’re now so that meant 50% to 60% rise in market during December and January.

As we can see there have been big changes in just a few months and since the cryptomarkets are still unregulated. (Forbes 2018), its highly recommended to keep in mind that you may lose all your investments in just a few months.

Cryptocurrency is known for its untraceability (Acca 2018) and illegal activities can clearly benefit from it today but how about in the future? With some regulations cryptocurrencies may be a huge factor in financial transactions of the future. For example a futurist Thomas Frey said in Time magazine that ”cryptocurrency is very much here to stay” and cryptocurrencies are going to displace roughly 25% of national currencies by 2030. They’re just much more efficient, the way they run.” That’s something we are eager to see



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1 Response to What’s up in cryptocurrencies?

  1. joolind says:

    Very interesting topic. Do you think they can go up even more in the future, or are they simply going to stabilize as they are, or are they going to drop even more?

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