Working in Bank: where, who and what?

In Finland there are many different banks, largest are Osuuspankki(OP), Nordea, Aktia Pankki, Danske Bank and S-Pankki. Thousands of people are working in banks and their branch offices.

The bank duties include receiving deposits, granting different kind of loans, management of payment transactions, as well as monetary and foreign-exchange trade management. Banks offer to their clients asset management services, as well as a variety of investment, financial and advisory services to their clients. So working in banks is really varied and there are several tasks. Banks offer many services to their customers, this means that staff skills must be diverse and adaptable. Working in bank requires Degree in the field, which you can obtain by studying at a business college(Diploma in Business Administration), University of Applied Sciences) (BBA) or University (Economics). Working in the banking sector always requires professionalism, motivation, willingness to develop continuously and eagerness to learn and internalize things. You must also be knowledgeable while working in bank, because you must be able to answer the customers questions asked by the customer.


In the banking sector employees with good customer service skills, business skills and international skills to interact with different kind of cultures are needed. It´s also important to use new technology. Customer service is one of the most important assets on banking sector, where you should work with different clients and your colleagues. Financial sector is even more international as financial markets are global. Language skills are becoming important criterion for recruitment.

In banks there´s employees working in management-, specialist-, managerial and officer-positions. The work can be customer service in different areas, such as service and sales, corporate finance, private equity, currency and interest rate markets or investment and payment service. In addition to operate there are different kinds of back office tasks


And in the end I will tell you about few of jobs in a bank.


Customer service advisor:


Customer service advisors job is independent and finding out what services customer needs in bank. Also selling bank services to customers is include job of service advisor. Title may be example investment advisor etc.


Bank employee:


Bank employee does a customer service work at the bank counter. The work is the customer’s personal service, advice and instruction. Job description is expanding to highlight a variety of service options. In past few years cash handling in offices has decreased significantly.


Branch director and bank director:


A Branch director is responsible for the operations and the performance of a single bank branch independently and responsibly. A Bank director’s task is to manage the entire bank or one of the banking sector, such as for example marketing, accounting etc. lead in the bank’s head office.





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