Is Money worth the Time?


Everyone has to weigh out their own use of time at some point.

I think that people who have the energy to work part-time during school years are very admirable. It’s hard to find good part-time jobs to earn additional income and even give you expertise in business skills. Many physical jobs are easier to get but their stress may affect your school performance.

You can find many web articles about how Bachelors of Business Administration describe their career after school. Statistics declare that over half BBA graduates started working in their present jobs before finishing their degrees (Hyvärinen, Katri). Most useful is to find jobs from your field of study. You can take this story about Anniina Varonen for example.

A recent study from Statistics Finland says that overall working during school has been on decline but there are differences in education sectors. Business students belong to the largest category of people who work during their studies in 2014. (SVT, 2016)


Many different sources point out that part-time working in your own field is one way to success but only few belittle the importance of school. Both ways of living have their benefits. Additional income may make your life more carefree and give you important experience. I think that testing all kinds of different things and lifestyles gives you understanding about what is the best way for you to live.




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