What is sports betting and does it have anything common with investing?

Investors are trying to make as much profit as possible for their investments. So do sports bettors, they place their wagers on the sports results outcome and are trying to get as many winnings as possible. People usually believe sports betting is risky hobby, what it actually is if you are making it risky. We can categorize sports bettors three groups. First group is sports bettors who are only looking for excitement and entertainment and their main thing is not to make profit. They place bets on the tv matches so they can be more excited about tv matches than without bets. We can call them ”entertainment bettors”. If they make profit it is positive thing for them but usually it is not happening. That is because they are not enough devoted sports betting to make profit in the long run and they place bets, which expected value in the long run is negative.

Second group is ”amateur bettors”, they know more about sports betting than ”entertainment bettors”. Amateur bettors have more acknowledge about sports betting and they know better how to make profit in the long run by placing bets. They still fall mistakes too often and that is the thing what tell the difference between ”amateur bettors” and the third group ”professional bettors”.

”Professional bettors” are minority in the world. In Finland there are not many people who can call himself ”professional bettor”. ”Professional bettors” work day may be almost 15 hour per day. It is also called the world hardest career choice. ”Professional bettors” main goal is to make profit on their invests in the long run. They understand that sometimes you had to deal with long losing streaks and you might lose a lot of money in the short time. ”Professional bettors” had to have a good stress control and they had to believe themselves.

What can make you a winning sports bettor? First of all you need betting cashier. The money amount you can choose yourself but you had to separate moneys between betting moneys and the moneys you need to living. I recommend to choose beforehand how much it is. It is good to be that much you can lose so it will not influence on your normal life. It is important to make better probability estimate than betting markets. Sports bettors are trying to play betting factors that are over their own probability estimate. In the long run if you make enough right decisions and find over factors in the betting you will get profit on your betting investments. Winning sports bettor have to be patient. It is not one moment and you are rich, if getting rich is only goal for sports bettor the thing that usually happens is vice versa.

Sports bettors and investors have the same goal: try to forecast future.



Jorma Vuoksenmaa, Pelaajalta pelaajille

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  1. samisikstus says:

    Nice text man!

  2. jonneryynanen says:

    Interesting blog post

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