Stop complaining, get a job!

Stop complaining and get a job. It is really sad, that seems to be a quite normal point of view, when people are talking about unemployment. On September, the president of the Youth League of the National Coalition Party, Susanna Koski said on television, that every time looking out of the car or train window you can see jobs to be done.

This only makes me wonder how it is possible, that a woman in her position is so far from reality. Did she ever think that those forests are owned by someone and who would work without any salary? Even the law says that if you are working for someone, you must get paid for that (Työsopimuslaki 2001, 1 chapter 1 §). And this is just one example.

Almost as bad is our beloved government, making decision after decision to lower the benefits and to punish people for being unemployed. According to Statistics Finland, in August 2016 we had 342 543 people unemployed and 35 916 open jobs at the employment office. Wait a minute, something does not match!


There is no doubt that unemployment is a really large problem in Finland. It is a problem for the economy and most of all, it is problem for the people themselves. How ever, I am not the person to solve the problem. Neither is the person who is trying to live a decent life and fill in a thousand forms and jumping here and there for the benefits.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel. The government has now decided to “activate” unemployed people by tightening the rules and punishing for not taking the job, which you don´t have the education for. I really believe there are better ways to solve problems. I also think that we as citizens have the right to get a professional government to decide how to use our tax money. Oh, I am sorry! I forgot we voted for that government!


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3 Responses to Stop complaining, get a job!

  1. juttaao says:

    Good points!

  2. erikayfinance says:

    Interesting and important topic! Good blog post.

  3. millamerilainen says:

    Very informative and entertainingly written post. I absolutely agree with the tittle!

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