Shyness keeping Finland down

Finnish people are known for their stubborn and unsocial behaviour. It is hard for Finnish people to change their minds and if someone is acting differently than others he or she will be considered weird or lunatic without a doubt. Many people lack enthusiasm to aim high to reach their dreams. Many are just accepting the easy way out of problems and settling down too easily to the monotone weekly routine that everyone has. This affects the image of brands and products Finland produce to the world.

Finnish people are too concentrated on creating an awesome product than thinking about selling it. They live in a thought that creating a good product is all you need. Like marketing expert Erkki Izarra said ‘’Finnish people think that a good product will sell itself, and if it doesn’t something is wrong with the world.’’ Of course it doesn’t work like this, but we have this vision glued hard to the back of our heads.

If we compare Finland for example with Sweden and you ask people what they know about Sweden? People will most likely answer Ikea and Swedish meatballs without hesitation. Sweden has created a strong brand that people will recognize them from. Ikea is a worldwide brand and Swedish meatballs are known mostly because of the dish Ikea provides in their stores.  But when you ask people what they know about Finland they will just shrug and maybe ask where is it?

Finland has fallen under the shadow of the other better-known Scandinavian countries. So why is this a problem? People create images in their heads about different products, positive image will get them to buy and recommend them of course. But if you can’t remember the brand or can’t associate it to something, this is when Finland’s problem kicks in, people won’t buy it. If you think about other countries and what they are known for, like Germany for quality cars, Japan for electronics and France for their wine, you realize that Finland doesn’t have a specific brand image in the world.a

Finland has educated and skilful people to make great things but our marketing for the products are in the low-end. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world and we have people with expertise for example in IT. We have created big brands like Nokia’s phones and (which is currently going down,) Angry birds (most downloaded mobile game in history). Everyone knows these products but do they affiliate them to Finland? I don’t think so. So what’s the problem?

How to sell? This question has tormented business experts and regular pedestrians alike. Nobody knows the exact answer and no one ever will. Predicting people and trends is indeed impossible, but does it help if we just sit in the corner quietly and hope that things will just work out. No, that’s just stupid, you need to grab yourself from the neck and do your best. How do you think the biggest success stories were born, they did their best considering the circumstances and didn’t quit until they got what they wanted.

How will you sell your expertise in the future?



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2 Responses to Shyness keeping Finland down

  1. millamerilainen says:

    Quite fascinating post. It is interesting to see how Finland deals with this kind of problems.

  2. jonneryynanen says:

    Nice blog post and important topic.

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