New plant protein food innovations coming on Finnish plates

Consumers are more conscious of their eating habits and how food is produced. This has opened new possibilities to Finnish companies. During year 2016 new plant protein food innovations have arrived in supermarket shelves.  Pulled oats(nyhtökaura) was first product, that received big media attention. The product got very positive reception and consumers have had problems to get it from stores because it has been sold out. On the 1st of September 2016 Paulig Group acquire the majority ownership stake (51%) of the manufacturer, Gold&Green Foods. After the acquisition Paulig and Gold&Green have together two aims: accelerate the production capacity of the pulled oats and launch the product to international markets. Pulled oats is a vegan product made by oats, beans and peas. Pulled oat innovation is developed by Gold&Green team.


Paulig Group is family-owned, international enterprise in the food industry. Paulig has many well known brand such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta. The Group has about 1900 employees in 13 countries and the net sales for 2015 were 905 million euros.

During autumn 2016 a second Finnish plant food innovation was launched. Verso food company has developed products Härkis. It is made by fava bean, pea protein and roasted onion -extract. Härkis is made to consumers who want to reduce using meat or want to eat only vegan food. CEO of the Verso Food believes that company is not afraid of the rivalry between other plant food products. Vegan food is more and more popular and a demand of vegan food products has increased continuously. The most important of the products ingredients is fafa bean which comes from domestic producers. Other ingredients come from Europe. The company was founded in 2010. Verso food is owned by almost 20 investors and one bigger investor company. Verso Food has three employees. 2015 its net sales were 200 000 euros.                                                           

It will be interesting to follow will this plant protein food just short term food trend or can Härkis, plant oats and other products take their place at Finnish food tables. These products are a little bit expensive than their meat rivalries which can be their weakness. For example pensioners, students, unemployed persons and other people who do not have much money to use their weekly groceries.


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4 Responses to New plant protein food innovations coming on Finnish plates

  1. juttaao says:

    Interesting topic! It would be nice to know more about different types of protein food.

  2. pirrep says:

    It´s funny that people want to eat their vegetables tasting and looking like meat. Though, we really need to reduce the meat production in the world. Good topic.

  3. tonipiironen says:

    This is very current topic and it is nice to see people talk about it. Good text also Jonne!

  4. samisikstus says:

    Nice blogpost!

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