Elderly care deteriorate or does it

kuva1There has been a lot of discussion about the government lowering the number of nurses in elderly care in the next year’s budget. That means, many nurses are going to lose their jobs and seniors who really need proper care are not going to get it. The nurses who are now working among the seniors are saying that even now there are not enough nurses per an old person. Now there is approximately 0,5 nurse per every senior working in the nursing home and after the government’s change, there will be only 0,4 nurse per a senior. That means there would be four nurses taking care of ten seniors during the whole day, so at the time only one nurse is taking care of ten seniors.

On 7th of October in 2016, was organized a protest event in which the nurses and other people gathered in the Center of Helsinki. Räsänen, a nurse working at the nursing home in Helsinki, also attended to promote the nurse’s benefit. According to Räsänen, the amount of work has also increased. For instance, there might be also cleaning included in their work along with caring work. This is too much for one person to handle and it decreases the quality of care. There are seniors who are in good condition, but some of the old people cannot manage oneself. It is also the society’s matter to look after the seniors who need the care.

My opinion is that the government is not thinking clearly when making decisions like this. They should also consider the citizen’s opinion. Citizens really care about matters like health, employment status and economic situation. And this matter is related to all of them. In the protest there were good points that came up. “The cabinet members are getting old too at some point”. If the government is going to deteriorate the amount of care, it’s going to revenge itself.

That is why people pay the taxes, because that way they can secure their future when retiring and getting old. It’s their right to get a good care. Elderly caring is not only tasks to do, there is also the social aspect in it. Old people need intercourse as well, that they don’t feel lonely. When the old people, who now need care help, were on working life they paid the taxes as good citizens do. The government should invest the tax money in health care and well-being of the citizens, because Finland is a welfare state. All the seniors have already paid for their health care in the past, so shouldn’t they now get a proper care.

The government is trying to save in the budget by lowering the elderly care employers, but are they really saving any money. This matter would make the unemployment rates rise, which means less taxes will be paid to government. There are many people who educate themselves as practical nurses and if the government’s statement goes through, there are less workplaces available in that area. Are they really saving any money. I hope that the government makes the right decision eventually and starts to improve the elderly care instead of deteriorating it. Let’s make Finland a good place to live and to grow old also in the future.


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One Response to Elderly care deteriorate or does it

  1. millamerilainen says:

    I also hope the government makes the correct decision on this. Old people should not be forgotten! Finland is better than that.

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