Bookkeeper – a versatile job for you?


I have always been dreaming about working as a bookkeeper. It has been my dream since I started studying in upper secondary school. Today I am studying accounting and finance as my main subject in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I wanted to write this blogpost about working as a bookkeeper, because it is an important and a very versatile job.

Accountancy is divided into two parts, financial accounting and management accounting. Bookkeeping belongs to financial accounting, where they produce information to external stakeholders (Tomperi 2016, 10). The main purpose of bookkeeping is to find out the profit/loss for the year of a business. The information about company performance is important especially for the owners, so that they know if their company is profitable.(Tomperi 2016, 11). A bookkeeper is responsible for processing the paperwork for a company’s business transactions, ie. the company’s accounts, billing and ledger. One of the most important jobs to do as a bookkeeper is to follow and forecast a company’s profitability. The bookkeeper can also take part in preparation of the budget.

When the bookkeeping is done, the next step is to prepare the financial statement for the financial period. It gives the company’s result and financial situation. The financial statement includes the income statement and statement of financial position. The statement of financial position is divided into assets and liabilities. (Leppiniemi & Kaisanlahti 2016, 38).

Working as a bookkeeper requires among other things precision, diligence, cooperation and customer service skills, confidentiality and enthusiasm. The work also requires ability to work flexibly and under pressure. The work is mostly sedentary work on the computer, so you have to be prepared for that, because it may strain your shoulders and back. However in my opinion a very positive thing in this work is that the working hours are usually normal office hours. A bookkeeper is usually employed by a bookkeeping office or a small to mid-size company. Working as a bookkeeper you need an education in for example master of business administration.

When you want new challenges in your job, you can do something called KLT-degree and become a KLT-accountant. KLT is a valued sign of a professional skill (Lehtonen 2016, 60). If you want to be a KLT-accountant, you have to have adequate commercial education and several years of experience of bookkeeping. To get your KLT-degree, you have to pass an exam, which is organized once a year. The KLT-accountants usually have better salaries than bookkeepers.

When you work as a bookkeeper you learn without interruption a lot of the business, and you also constantly know what is going on in the business. It helps you in your job and it also helps you to predict the future. A good thing for you to know is that many small companies have externalized their bookkeeping for the bookkeeping office to deal with, and the number of companies externalizing their bookkeeping is gradually increasing.

The employment of bookkeepers and other accounting and finance professionals are currently great. This means that if working as a bookkeeper interests you and if you want to be employed, get a job as professional in accounting and finance. You will always get new challenges and rich experiences within the financial sector.



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2 Responses to Bookkeeper – a versatile job for you?

  1. janinalii says:

    very interesting topic! I really like your post, very good job 🙂

  2. angvalk says:

    Great post and interesting topic!

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