Online Shopping Is Growing Fast

Online shopping has grown exponentially. Only a couple years ago people shopped rather in their local stores than online. People felt uncomfortable using their credit cards, but these days everything has changed. Many choose their online shop website depending on the sites delivery, return policies and sales.

According to the survey by UPS and analytics firm comScore Inc., In 2016 51% of the shoppers made their purchases on the web. The smartphones are an easy way to shop online, and 44% of smartphone users say they made a purchase from their device.

The online shopping markets will almost double in the next three years. The smartphones mobile shopping gives the increasing power for the growth.

According to the British Retail Consortium the growth of online shopping hit a record in December.


The United States has the highest revenue of per online shopper, and they are also the leading in terms of total e-commerce revenue. In 2015 the Americans were expected to spend $1,804 online.


I think online shopping is a very good way to shop. It is so easy, you can just sit on your own sofa and just pick whatever you want, and then with only a few clicks you have made your “deal”. People can shop when they want and without any line. You can also buy clothes from stores that is not even in your country and the assortment is much larger.

For many the thought of having to interact with sales persons, is why some people choose to shop online, because it is simple, anonymous and relatively painless.

The comparison of an item is made very easy on internet. It does not take long to compare one item from multiple different shops and it is not only the price you can compare, the websites will also recommend similar products.

When I choose the online site, I often read about others’ opinion before I order to check that the site is trustworthy. The discounts and the return policies also have a big role for me in choosing the website.

What do you think about online shopping? How do you choose the website?





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  1. kiaaam says:

    Interesting topic and very well written text!

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