Money talks..or does it?

Everybody needs money for living-to pay rent, buy groceries and enjoy freetime activities. That`s why we have jobs. We will work so that we will get paid our salary. But what amount is enough? How much do we need to earn that we can live a happy life?

There has always been a gap between men and women in salaries – women are often paid much less money from the same work that men do. In 2015 women who worked full time in United States were paid only 80 percent of what men were paid. And as the time goes by it seems that women are reaching men to close this gap. But as this statistic below shows, it will take a long time.


But what is the real reason for this gap? There is an article that says that women choose lower-paying jobs and work only part time. But this is not always the truth-women work as hard as men in the same full time jobs but they still get paid less. Is it just stereotypes that control in our minds?  Maybe people think that women can`t handle the same tasks as good as men do? Also men are often said to be more powerful than women so maybe women just have to be stronger about their status and fight back about their rights? It seems that this issue will be unsolved if we don`t change our attitudes. We are all equal in this planet and there shouldn`t be anything else that matters.

But here comes the interesting part: it seems that money actually isn`t the thing that we are after in our jobs- instead it seems that money will surprisingly harm the motivation instead of inspire us to work. The primary motivation seems to be to build something lasting and that the motivation comes from the work itself. Main thing is also the respect of others and money is just a byproduct to many of us. And who would have the strength to wake up every morning and go to the job that we hate just for the money? I bet not so many-at least not for long. So emotional sources of motivation are much more important than any amount of money. And this is a very positive result in this money-making world!

What is the best way to motivate employees then? Recent studies by David Rock and Jeffry Schwartfriends-1013856_960_720z have identified that people want to elevate their status which can be done in a very easy way; just simply give credible informal praise for daily tasks. Another thing that motivates more than money is having autonomy in our jobs. What counts more than money is also the feeling of similarity in our working community, feelings of relatedness and fairness. People want to feel that they are part of the community and want to get feedback about their work.


In conclusion, it seems that money is not the main motivator in our jobs. The main thing is that we can see what we can achieve and be proud of the work that is done. Money is actually just an instrument that we use to survive in our daily lives. All in all money can never replace that one thing that is most important- our inner selves.


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2 Responses to Money talks..or does it?

  1. oj12345 says:

    Very interesting topic!

  2. janiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    I think one reason women earn less money than men, is that most people in the management job placements are generally men. Though today we see more and more women in these placements also, which I think is a good thing for the future. When it comes to same job position, both women and men should get the same salary. You had a nice approach to this topic.

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