Men vs. Women: Spending money

Many of us sometimes think about financial matters. How do I spend money? Where does my money actually go? But do any of us think if being a woman or a man effects this.

Everyone has their own thoughts on men and a women spending. Usually it’s said that women are “addicted to shopping” they love to spend their free time at the mall, picking out a new outfit or purse. And on the other hand men are seen as egotistical, they like to spend their money on fancy cars or watches. The other difference that has been said on spending between men and women is that often woman is worse with finances and unable to save and invest. But for men they say that their understanding of finances is better.

This is actually an interesting concept to consider. The difference in economic matter between men and women is also dealt with studies and literature. Here in Finland Leila Simonen has written a book called “Raha ja naiset” that means “Money and women” which deals with this theme. In Helsinki Sanomat interview Simonen said that men and women spending are different. Women usually turn to their father or husband on cases of numbers like financial things.

Leila Simonen who is a doctor and an educator said that for women money comes after family, home and work.  She also said that women are afraid to invest because usually if she fails it effects on her feelings and thoughts of herself. The conclusion of this is that women have an emotional relationship with money. Simonen commented that men understand better where and when to use the money. But does it also go like that?

In fact, these differences on spending effects also on other things for example on stores. Have you ever wondered why some stores use a huge part of their budget on advertisements and image while some stores are successful without that or any decoration? I think that the answer for this is that women love images and decorations because most of them enjoy the shopping experience. And for men we can say that they just simply go and buy so they don’t really need any special decorations in the stores to impress them.

Is there any risk? I think women usually tend to buy regardless of whether she needs the thing she is buying or not. This can probably become a risk for them later. That’s because of the lack of investments at a young age. It’s important to remember that time grows money. Men also have risks and the biggest risk is their egos. They usually need to brag about their possessions.

We have to remember that even though most women or men do some behaves in certain ways or do certain choice there are always some of men or women that don’t behave like is said. To give you an example my mom is better at saving money than dad but if I look more specifically that’s because mom uses money on cheaper things. Everyone have their own experiences and there are always exceptions. The important thing is that everyone can set their money where they want. Some of us make good choices and some of us don’t. Sometimes it doesn’t depend only on choices you make but also luck can effect on these things.

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4 Responses to Men vs. Women: Spending money

  1. snowgirl says:

    “I think women usually tend to buy regardless of whether she needs the thing she is buying or not.” I found myself in this sentence, hahah! 😀 This was interesting and very well written post, I enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. raingirll says:

    Very good article! This put me think about where I am spending my money 🙂

  3. tiiaau says:

    Very well written! This is a nice topic you picked! 🙂

  4. unem93 says:

    So, this explain a lot of gold diggers. ”The conclusion of this is that women have an emotional relationship with money” Anyway, i enjoyed it(Y) Good work

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