How to start investing?

A Good way to make a quite a lot money (but it can also take a lot as well) is investing in the stock market. With so many stocks out there can sometimes can put your head confused and you don’t know even how to start to investing. Here I will help you to getting started and giving few handy tips.


When it comes to choosing where to invest, a one-size-fits all just doesn’t work because there isn’t one right way which will work for everyone. An investor must create a plan of his own and think about his own goals. Is your goal for example to get rich, saving money to retirement or just getting some extra money? Notice if you buy and sell trades frequently throughout the year you are more a trader than an investor.

Don’t try to get rich quickly.  You can’t think you will become a millionaire in a few days or months, you need to keep investing more money into the market on a regular basis. You don’t have to put large amounts of money at the same time, just put first a few euros here and there every month at the first.

Try to pick a sector or a company that is most familiar to you. That way you will recognize more easily when a company is doing well and when it’s not. Warren Buffet, who is billionaire investor nowadays once said “Buy stock in business that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them, because sooner or later one will.” Try to also find a stock that may be undervalued but will rise when it gets big. Remember investments which are riskier will have higher potential returns than low-risk investments. Specificate the purpose of your investing: how risky invest you should buy and know your goals from the beginning.

Good luck with the investments and remember to be patient!



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2 Responses to How to start investing?

  1. Ose Löömi says:

    Great topic raingirll! I will definitely use these tips to start investing! 🙂

  2. snowgirl says:

    Yes, this is definitely interesting post and it got me thinking about the investing. Those tips are very useful! 🙂

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