Green Economy – The way of the future?

How do we deal with the world’s urgent economic crises and the growing concern for the environment? It is said that green economy could be the answer. But wait a minute, what is green economy?

Green economy is described as one that results in improved well-being and social equity in communities around the world, while reducing environmental risks and expenditure. Green economy aims for resource efficiency, a socially inclusive economy with sustainable development.

Today’s economy is solely focused on making higher and higher profits – however is it possible to reach infinite economic growth? Is our global economy sustainable and where does it end?

green-1182963_960_720Even now we are gaining understanding on the benefits of a greener economy. As the old economic system is in a slump, we have seen how greener industries are in huge demand. Solar panels, electric vehicles and organic products are just examples of the new greener economy.

Consumers are involved by demanding a greener future and, as new technologies are emerging, so are new opportunities. 3D printing enables new innovations to be created anywhere at affordable prices.


Traditional industries are suffering losses globally and the threat of losing market shares to greener products is always present. There is a chance for a green market on a wide range of industries. It is said that Clean Tech is the way of the future. Everything from waste processing to highly effective solar panels and electric vehicles are up for grabs.

In addition to consumer demands and benefits for individual innovations, we can also see great benefits even on the scale of state economics. For example Germany has created a whole new exports by investing in solar panels.


OK so green economy sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? What exactly are the benefits of going green?

Green economy is not just a hippie dippy nonsense, but actually brings together a vast area of politics, industries and research. Many of the issues are inextricably linked together and act like dominoes.

Fresh water innovations, carbon or micro-plastic collectors and many other recent innovations are products of social, climate and environmental policies. Clean Tech or Green Tech combine technologies with sustainable resources and social aspects.


Our increasing understanding of the scale of environmental degradation and the changing climate have pushed the idea of green economy up the global agenda in recent years. States around the world are beginning to see the benefits of greener economy. Social equity, cleaner nature and more effective resource consumption all gather up to a more effective and balanced economy. The cycle of greener economy feeds itself through the links in politics, communities, industries and research.

Could it be the push required to set the economic wheels back in motion?



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