Give your ideas an opportunity

How many of us have been on a car trying to find a place to park on a huge parking lot? Frustrating right. How many of these people have been trying to solve the problem to make it easier to find that slot… Not that many. One man did, he installed a light above every slot and it turned green and red. AMAZING!
Why hasn’t anyone else done this before? The problem is that we can´t see the problems around us and if we do see them first thing that comes to our mind is I´m not the right person to solve it. Who is if I´m not?

We usually think that CEOs of the successful companies are some kind of gods. They are not. They are more likely to be a regular people with a good ideas and they are not afraid to execute them. Two guys coming home from a bar in the middle of the night couldn’t get a taxi, Über invented.

Creating your own business is a good way to employ yourself. After graduating many suffer a lack of equity to start a company but there are a lot of good ways to get funded. Investors are always looking for interesting new companies and ideas. Finnvera is Government owned company in Finland that gives funding to start-ups and growing businesses. Ground funding like Kickstarter is also a good way to start collecting equity. This shouldn’t be a problem as starting a company.

Now that we have a running company it’s important to think what we can do better, what we shouldn’t do anymore and what new should we invent. As the profit starts to raise its too easy to lay down on your wheels and let the company go with the flow but as an entrepreneur you need to keep going. Today the competition on the market in every industry is so tough that you need to get more ideas and be ahead of your rivals.

Touchscreen phones… Nope, nobody wants to use a phone without buttons. Digital camera… The quality is too bad, it won’t become a popular thing. Big companies have made mistakes in the past because it’s hard to see the future but remember to give every idea a possibility. It might change the whole industry or be a flop. It might raise your gross profit and give a leverage to rivals or be a flop. give it a chance. To be successful you also have to make mistakes.



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  1. Ose Löömi says:

    Interesting topic! On a side note a picture in this post would make a huge difference. 😉

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