Financial change now

If you are planning on working in financial sector, you may want to consider the circumstances in this blog, before you go for it. The financial sector is changing. One reason for the change is technical/digital development. Because of this, traditional services may not be needed as much as earlier. Personal service in the Internet is getting popular which means no office nor physical presence.

Because of digital development, customers want service anytime and anywhere. This means that service can be available by smart phones, tablet etc and anytime by weekends and after 16 o’clock. Working hours are getting flexible. Industry and customers’ needs are changing and so are the jobs at some level.


This does not mean that financial services are disappearing. Services are always needed, they are just changing and requirements are different on some parts. That influence in education. Just last year there were over 3 000 employed in financial business. Compared to ten years ago, it’s almost the same, maybe slightly better. Routine work is getting rare, but specialists and people who can work in many fields is more important now. Among the recruit there are more technical or engineering-based education, also traveling and nutrition fields are on the list. Keeping customers happy by services is important.


More experienced personnel has been employed in financial area. In 2005 there were 6 % over 50 year-old and 2015 every fifth was a 50 year-old. At the same time, the level of education has risen. According to Tarja Kallonen there are needed more and more different kind of know-how like e.g. sales skills or digital experience in the financial sector.

Although financing is changing the job tasks, it changes competition too. Companies have to think about new ways of getting customers and employee’s education. For customer service education may not have to be particularly financially related. But you have to remember, that every place is different. Companies have different requirements for applicants.




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