Browsing Facebook has never been this productive!

Are you one of those struggling with getting a job or don’t simply have the time or energy for that? Or you may have a job, but have some free time to spare. Whatever is your situation, it is good to spend any spare time wisely. But what does this have to do with Facebook?

There are actually many easy ways to get more wealth with not too much effort. In Facebook, placing ads on your pages is the most common income, but it is not always the best option, if you don’t know how to start. There is a much easier and even fun way! This is like having Christmas all over the year.

Many businesses today have their own Facebook pages, because that is the place you are very likely to face your potential customers. But how to get their attention?
– By draws.
In facebook this is totally free for both parts, the business and the person. All you need to usually do is like or sometimes comment a post. That’s it, your job is done. Of course you are not always guaranteed for a prize, that is why you need to take part in a lot of them. And by a lot, I mean at least a hundred per week. It is up to you how many, and it will correlate with the average number of winnings per month, more the merrier.

Not convinced? This may sound like a ridiculous idea, especially if you have never won anything. Let’s look into time before Facebook, when all the draws were in their own web pages. You would usually be asked for a lot of personal information, such as your address and phone number. You would then start getting calls from various sellers. Fortunately on Facebook, all these bad side effects do not exist at all.winner





What are the actual chances? There are hundreds of draws on Facebook every week, from some you may have less than 0,1% chance of winning, from some even better than 20%. This is all about having the effort to find the more uncommon ones that won’t attract thousands of people. By getting yourself into the smaller draws, your chances of actually winning something are not that unexistent anymore. And by participating to a few hundred per week, it becomes a habit that rewards you with all kinds of new stuff every few days or so.

If you want to know exactly how much one click of a Like-button would be worth, try to approach it this way:
Let’s say that there is a draw in which the price is a smartphone worth 300€. Lots of people get into this and in the end there are 2 500 participants. Now by dividing the price to each participant, you can work out the worth of one click of a like, which in this case would be 300€ / 2500 = 0,12€.
That is what one click would be paying you in theory. Obviously the chances here are very small, so probably you will end up with nothing. But when we go to the smaller draws of less than a hundred to a few hundred participants, this actually works out quite accurately, and the clicks are worth more money. Let’s imagine that we have the same prize, but by a smaller and less known company. This could bring around 300 participants, and we see the chances here would be already more than eight times better.

Once in a while you get lucky and win, lets say a prize worth 50€. That is like you have now been paid 50€ of the work you did by giving some likes, most of the time in the form of items. Sometimes the effort doesn’t seem to pay off, sometimes you win big, and this is what after all makes this so exciting.




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2 Responses to Browsing Facebook has never been this productive!

  1. bigbosss94 says:

    Interesting topic. I haven’t heard about this approach before.

  2. juliaalanko says:

    This is an interesting angle on a subject that surely grinds people’s gears in the sense. Draws on Facebook are often used to trick not-so-fluent-at-internet-people to give their credit card information to parties that should not be given the information. When these risks are known, there’s really nothing bad in taking a part in a draw – other than that it might cause irritation in the people that get notifications of shared posts on their feed…

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