Skills needed to succeed as an accountant

Skills needed to succeed as an accountant

Careers in accounting require more than just the ability to do bookkeeping, crunch the numbers and analyze them. Here are few important skills that you should work on in order to succeed as an accountant regardless of your field.

Communication & teamwork skills


Communication is important whether it’s communicating with your team, clients or higher ups it’s a huge part of the work of an accountant and it can’t be disregarded. It’s important to note how you express yourself and what kind of terms you want to use to explain what you have accomplished to clients who may not have much knowledge when it comes to accounting or bookkeeping.


When working as a team it’s best to stay open minded to avoid personality clashes as people are different and might have different kind of working technique that works for them. However, the most important thing is to get work done in time with everyone participating and doing their part.

IT-skills & adaptability


Computing skills go hand in hand with most jobs in today’s world as digitalization is still booming with new ways of doing work more efficiently and way easier. When it comes to auditing and bookkeeping, every company uses some kind of software to store data in so it’s good to learn to understand the program and how it works in-depth.

Being able to adapt to changes takes you far in any career which is why it applies to accounting aswell. Not only will you be able to provide better service to your clients, but you’re more likely to learn and grow in your career when you see new opportunities as challenges instead of something to avoid.

Stress tolerance & time management/organization skills


Accounting as a career requires high stress tolerance which is why skills such as time management and ability to prioritize and organize tasks is mandatory. These skills are a must especially if you’re working as an accountant in a public limited company (PLC) or doing an audit for such companies at the end of the year when it’s time to start thinking about financial statements.




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2 Responses to Skills needed to succeed as an accountant

  1. sasupatrik says:

    The topic was great! It really caught my eye.

  2. petrapit says:

    Very informative and helpful blog post! I think that those working skills are needed in many other jobs as well.

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