The importance of good internship in accounting and finance

Today it might be hard to find a financial or accounting job or even internship when you are young and a student. Competition is hard and some employers think that you have to know everything when you try to find a job. One good internship might have many, even over 100 applications. Different skills might help and that’s why it’s important to know what skills are the most important ones you should have. Financial and accounting careers need knowledge that students can learn  at school but it’s also good that we can learn things at work.


When I have read what skills companies need in financial or accounting work assignments they usually want about 3-5 years of working experience. How that’s even possible if you don’t get any good internship and after that get a permanent job? But, luckily employers usually appreciate good education and motivation at least.

Good IT skills are more and more important and it’s very important that everyone in this field of work know how to use different accounting and finance software. And how about the future? It might be possible that even more jobs don’t need people and computer do the jobs instead. However there’s always many things that computer can’t do. That’s why it’s very important that accounting and finance students study more IT skills so they can do for example help desk works also if needed.


I found an interesting text about my topic and there was some good advice:

Have you got any ideas or opinions on how a student can get a good internship and get employed in the future? And what are students’ most important skills for accounting and finance jobs? If you have any ideas, please comment on this post and share your advice!


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