Skills behind the scenes

There has long been a certain understanding and assumptions of the work and personality of accountants. According to the stereotypes accountants are introverts who avoid social interaction. They sit all day by themselves in their office staring at their computer in some basement floor working alone. They are obsessed by numbers and are cool as a cucumber. This is a big and fat misunderstanding – at least today. Behind the scenes accountants’ work is much more. Today and in the future their work is more and more interactive and they need good communication skills.

I have now worked for three years at a clothes shop as a sales assistant and I really have enjoyed it. However, I have been frustrated and worried for quite some time because I don’t have prior work experience in the Accounting and Finance field. I have been thinking that it will be very hard to find work in Accounting and Finance after studies because of that. After summer however, I have realized through different various sources that actually I’m in quite a good position. I have acquired strong customer service skills and good sales and communication skills at work. These skills are and will be valuable and they are my business card, when I apply for a new job, and also a remarkable assets in my future work.

Today’s business requires accountants to have good customer service skills, good social and communication skills and to come along with different people. They need to have a selling and marketing attitude. Accountants need to be able to sell themselves and to sell the company they represent to their customers and know how to sell the services of the company. It is clear that accountants have to offer great customer service to be competitive. Thanks to customers accountants have their jobs. Every customer has to be satisfied every time he or she has got some sort of service from the company or been in contact to the company. Customers have a key role in success of the business and they must be, therefore, taken good care of.

In accounting the communication with customers is still sometimes through phone calls and e-mails. But it should be remembered that good customer service not only face to face is very important. Accountants have to put an effort also to these situations. It is vital that accountants meet the customers’ needs and expectations and they offer high quality service and help to the clients also when talking on the phone and writing messages. The more important are those face to face situations, for example client meetings, when the communication skills, quality of service and service expectations are put to real measurement.

Here are four vital things you need to remember in customer service and when interacting with customers.

  1. Listen to the customer (show your interest and enthusiasm)
  2. Meet the customers’ needs and expectations (by doing first step probably you will achieve this step better)
  3. The customer is always top priority (think about the customer’s interests and be flexible)
  4. Respect the customer (remember: be kind, keep the eye contact and be polite)



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