Happy 62. Birthday Vladimir!

It’s Vladimir Putin’s birthday today and as the birthday boy celebrates in Siberia, the whole world struggles with the Ukraine crisis and its sanctions. In Finland, companies such as Valio were forced to sell their products meant to Russian markets; ikuvan domestic market. This kind of a restriction is bad for Finland’s export business because Russia is our major business partner. This might lower stock prices and affect economic fluctuations making recession maybe causing bankruptcies and people losing their jobs. Of course we all hope that the crisis will be soon over and this kind of economic disaster won’t happen.

Also the news have reported that the value of Euro is declining which might boost foreign trade and increase Finland’s gross domestic product. But this is all guessing, now we have to watch and wait what is going to happen. Who knows, maybe the jolly birthday party and tasty cake might make president Putin sweeter and more co-operating.



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5 Responses to Happy 62. Birthday Vladimir!

  1. Ramp says:

    I think that his birthday didn’t make him any sweeter…

  2. missmeedio says:

    You started your blog post in funny way. This was an interesting and current subject.

  3. jarikurikka says:

    Good and current topic missbelfort!

  4. vioko says:

    funny and a very current topic

  5. latzo says:

    Interesting start and important topic!

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