Career in accounting and finance

What working possibilities accounting have and what kind of challenges it involves? Personally I was not sure about what this education includes when I started studying. Little by little things have become clearer.

Today the number of accountants has increased because they have become more important to companies. The book, Accounting Principles A Business Perspective, by Hermanson, Edwards and Maher says that the United States employs over a million accountants and it is rising. In my opinion that is a great thing because the employment is safer in the future. Also accountants have a lot of variations of works. For example public accounting, management (industrial) accounting and governmental or other not-for-profit accounting.

In Finland we have a very good education and a lot of opportunities to move forward on your career. On the other hand there are some disadvantages too. Usually schools teach that there is only one way to do things right or wrong. I found a good article to support this argument.  Kari Helins writes in his book, Yhdessä menestymisen taito, about how schools reward students for the right answers and punish for the for wrong answers. That situation is reflected to one´s behaviour in working life so that you are scared to try new things for the fear of punishment. As a result, companies cannot develop as much as they could.

The accountants are in a very important role in companies. They see the big picture of the financial position of companies and can detect grievances that should be renewed. That is also one of the reasons why I want to be an accountant. I can challenge myself and work with numbers that tells the truth about the company.



The sources

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Kari Helin, Yhdessä menestymisen taito, s.12. Jyväskylä 2006.

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4 Responses to Career in accounting and finance

  1. shattinen says:

    Good topic about accountants and their future in the working field!

  2. mahuhta says:

    You had very interesting points in the text and the text was overall well written!

  3. tzitzi2014 says:

    Many really good points! Interesting post and a point of view 🙂

  4. mironiska1 says:

    Very informative article and well organized as well.

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