Accounting or finance?

I wanted to write this post- reflecting on accounting and finance specialization studies. Because the topic is timely to me, I would like to hear readers’ thoughts on the subject. I wanted to write about the topic because the point where I have to make a decision which direction I want to take comes soon. My choice is complicated by the fact that both have its good and bad sides. Which one interests me more? Is employment after graduation easier on accounting or finance side, or is it easy or difficult on both sides? It is harder to find answer to the latter question at the moment.

Accounting vs. finance

Of course, I also wonder where to find a job? How to get a job? Lot things have been written about the topic and a lot of different tips and advice can be found about job search. Still, it is really difficult. More and more multi-skilled and experienced workers are looking for jobs. If you want to be a senior accountant or a financial professional you should have at least five years´ work experience in the accounting. Both have good career opportunities and the starting salary is pretty same for both of them. So there is hardly any difference in these jobs in the field.

During 2010 and 2012 the site töissä.fi made survey about the university career monitoring, and where accounting finance area graduates are employed as a rule. When I saw the statistics I noticed in how many different sides of the accounting and finance area we can be working. We will be able to work well with a variety of tasks. Most of the survey respondents, however, were ranked in finance and financial management tasks. Secondly, most of the respondents were in the managerial and leadership positions. Statistics look good, because it gives more options for yourself.


In selecting further studies you need to think about how useful they are in the future and in the long term, because I actually think that it is better to focus on one thing at the time than to pick up courses here and there. However, this is only one stage, because before succeeding it is important to develop your own skills continuously.

Even if the decision is difficult, and I want to get as a good foundation from school, it is reassuring to think that there are many career opportunities, and I do not necessarily know yet what I want to do in the future. I believe that the direction is correct, and only the time will tell where I’m going to be working. It’s so important that you do what yourself want to do. Just listen to your own heart. At least I’m going to do that.



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