A small memory refresh would not be bad


Do you have a degree in economics and business administration? Do you sometimes wonder if there is any use of the degree at all? I often wonder that too, so I would like to tell you why I chose to study business economics. Maybe you will get some inspiration from my story.

I have an artisan degree in interior design, and as you all know, my dream is to be an interior designer and I would like to set up my own business. However, starting a business and being an entrepreneur requires a wide range of business skills. That is why I wanted to complement my skills with business studies.

The most important reason to me to study business management is that I want to learn to manage the company’s finances. When I start a business it is necessary that I have a sense of different financial solutions. I also wanted to learn bookkeeping, accounting and other financial management tasks. In accounting and finance studies you will learn to carry out system analysis. You know how to calculate different economic indicators and how changes in conditions, operations and the environment will affect the outcome. You are also able to identify the measures which could improve performance, relative to the goals of the system. The versatile use of financial information creates a competitive advantage for the company. I believe that the customer’s point of view it is a great advantage if the designer is able to minimize the costs.

In addition to financial management I have learned a lot of other business skills. Marketing of your own competence is vital for an entrepreneur. I have learned various methods for marketing a product and a service. In our school you can even specialize in marketing if it is your interest. As a designer to ability to sell your own work with a creative presentation is important. I have obtained a lot of useful tips on how to create impressive presentation.

To my mind, one of the most important skills that you can practice at school is communication skills. In a number of group tasks you can develop your teamwork skills. The practice has been very useful for me because the designer work includes a lot of customer service and cooperation with the different parties. In addition to verbal skills, we also practice written communication skills a lot. You will learn how to prepare different business text and other written material. We have also had several business communication courses in English and Swedish.

As a designer you have projects that require time and patience. You need perseverance, creativity and, above all, problem solving skills. At school we have had a lot of different projects in which we have been able to practice these skills. The important thing that I have learned is scheduling and managing several things at the same time.

It is good occasionally to recall the reasons why I’m studying business economics. Now I noticed how versatile the degree is and how you can take advantage of those skills in different job tasks, even in the cultural sector like me. I hope this story could cheer you up a little bit and wish you good luck in looking for your dream job!


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