Technology replacing accountants?

It has been a controversial topic among accountants all over the globe if accounting as a job is going to disappear in the face of new technology. Some say that technology will overcome accountants and some say that companies are more willing to use humans than technology when it comes to accounting. It is true that accounting has been made easier with various tools provided by advanced technology but will it eventually replace them completely?

It is true that accountants may lose their job as an accountants. Some might even say that there is no point to study yourself in accounting because of that matter, but that is not the case.

In the future accountants will be needed just as much as today. The job itself is just a bit different. Future accountants will not do the actual accounting themselves but they will analyze the information provided by technology that does the accounting.

Why are they needed to analyze the information, can’t technology do it by itself?

The answer is NO. Technology is not able to make feeling based calls on what to do or not and companies are not able to get the correct information offered by technology. This is where accountants will shine in the future.

What is the key for this to happen?

In near future the syllamus should be changed from teaching accounting to teaching analyzing the material provided by accounting, because accounting itself is not going to cut their job description completely. Teaching analyzing enables technology companies to develop accounting tools even more than they are able to develop them today. When schools and technology companies has a shared idea of the future amazing things can happen.


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3 Responses to Technology replacing accountants?

  1. saararintanen says:

    It’s always good to know our field of study isn’t disappearing.

  2. student_J says:

    Good point of views!

  3. slaikka says:

    Very interesting

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