Study hard, work harder

For me it stands to reason that I have to work at the same time when I’m studying business. I had my first summer job when I was 14. After that I couldn’t think about a summer without a job. Now six years later I have a part-time job in a shop, a casual job in financial administration which was also my previous summer job and I’m studying. I’m at school from Monday to Thursday and work from Friday to Sunday and sometimes a couple of days on weekdays. I have every third Friday and Saturday day off and those are the best days in the month.

My mom has been worried about me and how I will ride this out. And I have to admit, without being a workaholic I couldn’t do this. My lovely home is also a thing that pushes me forward. My home is a right-of-occupancy apartment, so I have a mortgage. If everything goes well and my life situation stays the same after three years, I will have paid the mortgage. Then I can give away my right-of-occupancy, get my money back and have an index increment for my apartment. Then I will have enough money to get a loan for my very own home.

Even if I’m a student I don’t want to live from hand to mouth. I want to travel, have experiences, eat good-quality food, buy new clothes and put aside some money monthly. This is the moment when I have a chance to think about and invest in myself. When I have graduated and got a full-time job I will have kids soon. Today the general trend is to have babies at an older age but I’ll do the opposite way. When the kids have grown a little bit older I’ll have time to move forward on my career when others are having babies.

At school I’m not trying to get the best grades. I might hand school assignments in late and sometimes skip the lessons because of work. I do as much as I can, but work is number one for me. Of course working in a group is a different thing because I’m responsible for the group’s grade too. My goal is to graduate three and a half years with average grades, have a wide work experience and develop close relationships with employers.

In conclusion I would like to say that there is not just one right way to finish studies. For me it’s enough to have moderate grades but earn a lot of money, whereas some others want to focus on school more and have better grades. For me it’s impossible to combine money and good grades and I have to choose. And my choice is to study hard, work harder.


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