Retirement age in Finland

Representatives of government, pension funds and unions have reached an agreement that the pension age in Finland will be raised from 63 to 65, and it will continue to raise three months every year starting in the year 2017. This means that the people born in 1962 will be the first ones to have their retirement age raised to 65.

Many people don’t agree with this –especially older people who are close to their retirement age- due to the fact that some jobs cannot be done when you’re older like a police officer or a fireman because they are so physically demanding. A recent poll published in Helsingin Sanomat shows that older people are more willing to raise the retirement age in Finland that younger people; over 50% of over the age of 65  and only one third of under the age of 25  are willing to raise the retirement age. The poll also shows that a (a small) majority of Finns are against raising the retirement age. I think that a lot of people dream of retiring as soon as they can and enjoy their time when they’re still in relatively good shape and that is why they oppose this pension age raise.


On the other hand people know that the pension age can’t be so low due to the fact that people’s life-expectancy is around 80-90 years. This means that you’ll spend almost one third of your life not working and it is very difficult to maintain a society which allows this. Also, when the concept of retirement was introduced the idea was that people are given a few years without working before they are expected to pass away.

In conclusion, at the moment Finns do not want to raise the pension age but it has to be done.



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