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First little introduction I’m 24 years old student from Vantaa Finland. I’m a 3rd year student from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences my main orientation is in finance sector.

In my blog I’m taking a stand on the current finance news and topics. I’m also making my conclusions and points about those affairs. This blog is mainly about my own opinions and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but healthy feedback is always welcome and appreciated. My goal is to make people talk and think about the following subjects.

Today I found interesting article in it’s about how risky investments effects on your brain.

New research is helping investors understand what drives their financial decisions, so they can prevent emotions from costing them money.

Here’s link for the article:

Brain scans light the way to do it yourself investing


Those who want more active control of their money need to accept that they’re not as rational as they think, and work harder to master their emotions.

In my opinion you should never let the feeling take over when you’re doing business, so my advice is to make rational decisions. Don’t ever make a bet on your favorite team. Also you shouldn’t make the investments which may affect on your health.


There’s plenty of formulas how to count effectiveness of your investment and if you’re not sure don’t do it. There are professionals whose job is to make these hard decisions and you should rely on them. It’s also cost effective and helps you not to lose your mind.



Mika Rossi

Student of Metropolia

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