My future in the accounting and finance sector


There are many good reasons why to study well. You learn a lot of new things that you can use in your future job. You will have a lot of useful information that you may need one day. In the future the education will be more and more important. But studying is not enough. You also have to be a good guy.

I chose this field of study because I´m interested in money. But money isn´t the most important thing. I would like to learn a lot of different things related to accounting and finance.

At the moment I think that after graduation I would like to be a professional in accounting. The future work place should be comfortable. Good work environment is a very important thing. I would like to work a workplace where I can move forward in my career. Working hours and good salary are also big things at work. I would like to have flexible working hours. Employees who have the opportunity to influence their own working hours, will continue to work longer than employees who have normal working hours without flexibility (SAK 2014).

During the studies we complete an internship which you might get a job. It would be great if the internship was interesting and comfortable.

Today good work mates are important because it´s a big part of the working environment. In good working community people are committed to the organization and enjoy their work (Hyvä työyhteisö 2012). I wish I could also get lifetime friends at my future workplace.

I want that my future job is such that tasks stay at the workplace and at home I can focus on other things. Those things are for example family and hobbies. If work tasks follow me home it can affect family relations and cause unnecessary stress. Work and family life combined can cause psychological and physical symptoms such as the insomnia and exhaustion (Kauppinen & Toivanen & Moisio 2014).

Lastly the most important thing is to do the kind of work that you can do without gnashing of teeth. Workmates are the key question in job satisfaction. However, keep in mind that life is not only about work.



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5 Responses to My future in the accounting and finance sector

  1. joonatans says:

    Hey ottoschmidtti! Excellent views about the jobs in the future!

  2. jaakkos says:

    Great work Otto! You have a wide perspective 🙂

  3. sebastiansaar says:

    Nice post ! I agree at co-workers are important part at work.

  4. mikatrossi says:

    Nice and interesting post about your future plans.

  5. rasmusla says:

    Very interesting text Otto, you got a point there! Greetings from Viljelijäntie!

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