My career in accounting and finance

Some years ago I realized what I want to do with my career. I’ve always liked numbers and counting. In middle school math was my favourite subject, so after I finished middle school I wanted to keep studying things that I was good at.

I choce to go to Mercuria business school and started to study selling and marketing but later I noticed that I made the wrong decision not to choose accounting. After three years of hard studying I gratuated with excellent grades.

After that I spent year off from studying and tried to make my mind clear which school would be the best for me. I had two different options. One was the fiscal and economy specialist line at Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences but in fall 2013 I got in to Helsinki Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to study a BBA degree. (Bachelor of Business Administrator). In the the first year we have to choose our major subject. I have chosen accounting and finance but I dont like finance that much. And someday I will have a job that supports my education and holds good chances for promotion and career development.


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One Response to My career in accounting and finance

  1. asdasdasd says:

    See you in accounting next year 😉 !! hopefully our financial statements balance better than this year!

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