Looking for a job?

Today it is harder and harder to get any job, but if you really want to do something, you should study accounting and finance; even it at first might sound kind of boring. In the real life it’s important to realize that some careers really work and some others don’t. Financial position of companies is getting worse and worse so there is unemployment more than ever before. As a result many companies’ have started co-operation negotiations and to avoid unemployment it’s important to get balanced and established workplace.


Firstly, there are a lot of careers in the accounting and finance sector, and secondly in these careers there are a lot of benefits. Working as an accounting or finance professional you will get a challenging and rewarding job. You can get many tasks or only one, you have many opportunities and you can always develop your own skills. In these jobs you never work alone, you always have a team around you. Although in these you careers might face some challenges they are worth it. Accounting and finance are essential functions of the companies’ operation, so you feel yourself always as a needed and useful person.

When you work as a bookkeeper for example, you do essential and obligatory tasks, but at the same time learn a lot about business. One of the most fascinating things in careers of accounting and finance is the point that you are always up to date what is happening in business, you can anticipate the future and your own life.


In addition to the above-mentioned as accounting and finance professionals you can be employed in financial institutions, businesses and both the public and private sector, maybe as a finance director, consultant, investment advisor, insurance advisor, financial expert or manager, accountant, controller, consultant or payroll assistant just to name a few. There are a lot of interesting tasks and challenges. Working in these tasks you develop your knowledge and interaction skills.

Opportunities and benefits are one of the nicest things in accounting and finance. The area enables employment both as an assistant and a manager and everything between them. Also there is a possibility to take care of your own business by yourself. So last but not least, if you want to be employed and at the same time avoid layoffs and redundancies, go and get a job as an accounting or finance professional.







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3 Responses to Looking for a job?

  1. jakevirtanen says:

    I like your positive attitude! I still believe that I am going to end up unemployed! 😦

  2. opiskelija23 says:

    Mielenkiintoinen aihe ja hyvä asettelu, kivat kuvat 🙂

  3. budgetingmoney12 says:

    Easily understandable and interesting!

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