How to get a job by using social media?

Today there are lots of news about how to get work in this economic depression. I wanted to list essential advice on how to employ yourself today!

  1. Create a new CV or update to the old CV some certain job application, then show your CV to someone professional to get feedback, example a teacher. Do not ask feedback from your relatives or friends, because they cannot give direct feedback.
  1. Think carefully what information  you want to give in your application. Give some important facts about yourself because someone should get interested in you!
  1. Be open-minded to search jobs from various websites and also use social media: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Example case: Eetu

Eetu was unemployed for a while and searched new job. He knew the realities about current labour market. What Eetu did? He published a own website as a portfolio and CV and  also filmed own video where he introduced himself. He also used social media very much.

Eetu’s Job application :

Numbers:      2003 Cliks in website

                        Over 230 shares

                       Three job interviews

 Data from Eetu’s job application:





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9 Responses to How to get a job by using social media?

  1. rasmusla says:

    Great advice and funny pictures! Good job!

  2. janileppalehto says:

    Great blog! Nice use of memes. I would’ve liked to read more, meaning that the post is a bit short.

  3. asdasdasd says:

    Good tips! Thanks!

  4. supermoneysaverss says:

    Good tips and great example!

  5. liinathan says:

    Entertaining and great advices!

  6. joonatans says:

    Excelent tips and great use of pictures!

  7. ottoschmidtti says:

    Excellent job Sebastian!! 5/5

  8. quutio says:

    Good blog and clever usage of memes.

  9. Thank you very much for mentioning me!

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