How finance mobile apps can help you manage your personal finance 

In this blog post I would like to share my knowledge of mobile apps with you for managing your personal finances. There’s a vast variety of different applications that can really help you to figure out where your money is going. I hope you will find these tips helpful.

All of the modern mobile applications work on both the iOS and the Android platform. These are the main two operating systems that most smart phones   use today. The quality of these apps has become surprisingly good. The developers have really focused on the usability and ease-of-use, which is critical when it comes to mobile and tablet applications.

So the first thing you must do is to go the application store on your smartphone. On iPhones it’s the blue icon named “App Store”. Over on Android side it looks like a white paper bag that is named “Play Store”. On Nokia Lumia phones it goes by name “Marketplace”. Then just use the built-in search feature of the store to find these apps. They can be found by their names that are listed below.

I have divided the apps into three following categories,

Finnish banking applications


OP-Mobiili, Nordea mobiilipankki, S-mobiili, Danske Bank mobiilipankki; these four banking apps are all quite similar and have become feature-rich over the years. In all of these apps you can check the balance of your account, make transfers, see graphical data of your spendings. You can even trade stocks in some of the apps, depending on the services your bank offers. If you have an S-card (like 1.8 million Finns do) the S-mobiili, in addition to giving you all the banking information, it gives you information about your current bonus status and has current offers and special promotions included.

Money managing apps


Pivo; you can think of this free app like a smart wallet inside your phone. It keeps track of your debit cards, purchase history and information about your favorite stores. It makes it easy – and fun – to keep track of the balance of your bank account. “Always know what you can afford!”, the app advertises.

Money sending & receiving apps

PayPal; this world-renowned service has probably been one of the first of its kind in the world, established in 1998 in California. PayPal’s idea is to make transfers via personal customers without them having to exchange banking information. This comes extremely helpful in Ebay-like services where customers buy and sell goods. Now this handy tool is available as a simple mobile application.

Mobile Pay

Mobile Pay by Danske Bank; this free app makes sending money as easy as typing a text message. It works with all the bank cards in Finland, both credit and debit sides, and is free to use right away. Once you register you just have to type in your card information, the receiving account number and some of your personal information. Imagine if you could easily split the lunch bill or share a taxi fare – makes your life a lot simpler, huh?




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