Career in Accounting and Finance

They say there are a lot of jobs in the finance industry. The employment situation is great and getting better all the time.
And I have to say, yes it is. Especially in the field of Accounting. 

The thing is, the jobs offered just aren’t for everybody. You should have a BBA-degree (needless to say), but also you should have “considerable, solid and strong, minimum of 3-5 years experience in accounting tasks” to get your foot in the door. 

That is easy to say but hard to accomplish, if you have recently graduated or just about to graduate. The BBA-degree is mandatory, but the companies in the field don’t think the degree is useful in any way. Only the experience matters. But how are you going to get the experience, if there are over 100 applicants for one job, and no one hires a graduate from Bachelor of Business Administration with no practical experience? 

Someone might ask “isn’t there a mandatory internship included in the BBA-degree?” Yes, there is, but without good contacts, it’s very difficult to get a paid internship, and not everyone can afford to work for free, even if the internship only lasts for a few months. It would be so much easier, if the education itself was more efficient, more useful. If the courses were designed to teach the students to actually work; to actually do the tasks included in the industry. 

During my studies, I remember attending only two accounting courses that included some excercising with bookkeeping software or training to use software with accounts payable/receivable. And that is really nothing. If three years of studying includes only a couple of hours of the “important stuff”, who can blame any employer (or even the applicant) of not appreciating a degree of BBA?

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