How to become a succesfule investor

How to become a successful investor

I can not write so much how to become a successful investor on the basis of my own experience. However, I tried to find some good sources to this blog post for this school assignment.

I read some interesting information about this topic that I`m writing about. When investing money there are many options. Saving money on a bank account is sometimes considered to be the safest way and some people like it this way. Maybe people are more careful today too. Remember that defining what you want to achieve is more important than to think what other people may expect you to achieve.

Things to consider before deciding how and where to invest:

  • How much are you willing to take risk (probability for permanent lost etc.)?
  • What you want to achieve
  • What kind of investment
  • The markets

Diversifying is important when investing money but of course it`s not necessary. When investing money you have a freedom of choice but if you invest all your money in one property it will be more risky and you will be dependent on what you have invested in. It would be good to have different stocks, money on a savings account etc. This way it`s more unlikely to lose everything and with good knowledge and a little bit of good luck some nice earnings can be made.

Remember that investing in not a lottery game. You may need some luck too but it`s important to understand what are you investing in (risks, markets etc.)

You may not be able to look in to the future but the funny thing is that history usually repeats itself. Looking backwards can tell a lot about the future.

Not all people like the risk and a safe way is to do savings. Don`t push your friends or other people to invest in stocks etc. if they don`t feel like that.

Real Estate

There are many people who like to invest in properties. It`s also easier to get loans from a bank to buy a property. The most important is to know when it`s the right time to buy and sell. Real estate can be considered as a safe investment but there are still risks especially with the loans. The good thing with the real estate is that it can be rented and the loan and other expenses can be covered.




Probably the safest way to invest money is to save (a saving’s account with a rate of interest). This is probably still not the wisest thing to do if the money is kept for a long time because of the inflation.


Stocks are risky but it`s possible to make bigger returns. If deciding to invest in stocks it´s good to do some studies before. To find more information according to the stocks visit:

How to start investing based on my own experience (personal finance)

I started to some savings two years ago when I was working full-time. I was planning to take one year off for studies so I needed to do some savings. I decided to create an Excel sheet where I listed all my incomes, invoices and everyday expenses. This made me realize that I spent almost 500-700 euros every month on things that I don`t need. But I really needed to make an Excel sheet and realize this first. After that I noticed to have an account for savings and I started to pay more attention to what I spend money for. Compared to serious investors 500-700 per month is not that much but you always have to start from somewhere. With my savings it was possible to take one year off and concentrate on studies.

I`m back to working life now and it`s time to start to set up a new Excel sheet. I would like to try also to invest some amount money to the stocks. I also have a few more ideas but I`m happy with my life as it`s now but It`s always a great idea trying to save some money and extra earnings don`t make any harm.

What I`ve learned is that you don`t have to be rich to start investing and save money. And it really does not matter what position you have in working life. The goal to get rich is a wrong way to start in my opinion and I think it would be better to think what you want to achieve for yourself in life and your dreams that are not too hard to achieve. Life is short so the most important thing is to be happy.




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