images-15Time to start serious acquaintance and loving relationship with your money grower alias stock market is now, especially if you weren´t one of the fortunate ones who was born already with a gifted shares in your hand into an investment savvy family.

With strong determination and a pinch of hard work you can learn the essentials for your new future financial prosperity! Being myself a fresh stockholder under a year of experience I can surely say that all it takes to start being a stockholder is to just get in the game. You can either start carefully by reading first articles and stock-related material before investing any cash or you can bravely dive into the unknown by buying small amounts of stocks and gain the experience via daily/weekly monitoring the stock market tendency. The main thing is just to start! I promise it will be lots of fun.

Today´s paperless electronic share trades gives easy and fast access to everyone from newbie to pro shareholder, which is a far cry from the days were stock certificates needed to be taken to a brokerage before a trade could be conducted. Nowadays brokerages have electronic records that show ownership details. Also open outcry is most probably soon-to-be extinct way to communicate transactions through shouting and hand signals in exchange facility. The stock market has gone through exciting changes due to the digitalization and is now a modern trendy form of business. Stock world is considered to be a bit shady and risky business, but it will become clearer and profit-making the more you spend time in it!

The stock market should be mandatory especially for the shopping loving ladies, who like to invest their hard-earned money where they can see them – hanging in the closet in a form of clothes, quoting Carrie Bradshaw. The problem is that this investment doesn´t work for you but against you by diminishing your earnings without any return. Bank accounts and saving options are also robbers of your assets whose interest covers hardly the speed of inflation! So keeping money in the bank account is eventually loosing money. Investing your cash in liquid equity like stocks will pay itself back first of all through yearly dividends, and secondly by the stocks rise. Investing into several stocks is made via stock portfolio, which can be obtained via banks , or e.g. sites like Nordnet. I recommend to dry run stock trade with a fictional stock portfolio where you practice buying and selling without actual transactions to get the sense of the trade. Also you can gain stocks from the company you work for, if they have stock options!

In any case stock trade is the most highly rewarded investment option, that will capture your interest the more you spend time for it. The possibilities are countless: invest worldwide or only domestically, prefer defensive stocks or more of a aggressive cyclical stocks for bigger profits, trade actively or just grow your portfolio passively long-periodically. Follow investing wizards tips or follow your own intuition, and remember to keep your cool during those financially critical times. Stock market is a ride on a merry-go-round, that goes up and down, and up again, so hold on tight to your money during down falls, selling with loss is rarely a good idea, like we learned from Nokia.

Start having rich and useful journey of investments today, and buy a few stocks instead of that must have brand bag, or the latest electronical gadget.

Conducting trades have never been simpler and more streamlined process, all you need is a computer, internet and a little bit of that famous Warren Buffet´s luck.

Let the prosperity blossom!Winning the money game by Niklas Westerlund

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