To be An entrepreneur, or to not be

Entrepreneurship has grown in popularity significantly in the recent years in Finland. According to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät), SME’s account for over 40% of Finland’s GDP. Small businesses account for almost 98,9% and middle-sized companies almost 0.9% of all companies. They are a huge employer in Finland and because of these companies, Finland survived therecession inthe 90’s.

running businessman

The are lot of pros and cons about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneuship involves a lot of risk taking, you need to tie up your real estate for get a bank loan. Sometimes it can pay off very nicely with rewards such as profits and the opportunity to be your own boss and make your own decisions. Here is a short list about pros and cons:

-Potential to get lot of money

-Work schedule

I don’t have any expererience of my own, but my father is an entrepreneur. I have seen pretty close those pros and cons as a family member and I’ve also worked in his company. Often cons are reflected in other people. Long working hours, economic pressure and unqualified employees cause stress to the entrepreneur and to the family members.

Many people are afraid of failure, so many companies will never be established. People are afraid to take any big risks in order to avoid being in debt. And of course, why would my company be the next “big thing” because no one’s company has been successful? People like security and some people settle for working in same company their entire lives. It’s nice to receive salary on 15th day of the month and work nine to five. Some people don’t want more than that and there isn’t any wrong on that.

But still, it’s pretty hard to think that I can be one of those who sit in the office whole day. I need excitement to my life. I like taking risks. It’s fun to watch football on TV, but it’s even funnier and more exciting if you have made a bet. For making a bet I don’t mean betting your whole savings account, but small wage increases excitement and makes things funnier.

The main reason is still the freedom. I can do things in my own way; no one tells me how the things should be done. I don’t have to be every day within the four walls; I can handle my jobs at a coffeehouse. I don’t have to work every day for nine hours; I work as much as I need to work. Some days I may have to do 20-hours day, some days I don’t have to do anything. Maybe there is little rebel living inside me who wants to break all the boundaries and rules. I’ve just moved to the first appartment of my own and living on my own makes me feel free in the first time of my life. And for being entrepreneur, I believe it makes me feel free as a bird.

So, to be a entrepreneur, or not to be? To be.

Sources: Suomen Yrittäjät



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One Response to To be An entrepreneur, or to not be

  1. meproblogger says:

    entrepreneurship is not for the weak ones, that´s for sure:) everyone should truly think twice before going into wild solo business! Not always worth it

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