Tips to how to make less, enough. The two biggest mistakes students make!

My blog is about the pros and the cons about students personal finance, you may find this blog very useful if you are, like millions of other students, also struggling within the thin lines of being broke or getting along. I will also give you great and useful tips how to make your minimal budget be enough! I am a second year student whose first year was a struggle, financially! I I got along only because I got a student loan and my parents supported me financially.

“Walking back from a lecture, you’re likely to want to pick up lunch and a coffee with friends. Pay attention to jaunts like these – if they become too much of a habit, they will significantly impact your finances.” ( 2013). Sounds familiar, right? This is the sad everyday life of millions of students. As my first half in a new school was getting closer to end, I noticed my eating habits had changed, a lot. The first couple of months was all about partying and getting to know my co-students so fast food became more and more of a habit because many of my new friends used to eat fast food a lot, and of course I went along. When I first noticed this new bad habit, I knowingly started to decrease eating greasy food and started to eat more and more healthy foods. After a while of eating healthy, homemade food, I noticed that I had more sparemoney in my wallet. So eating healthy homemade food became a way of saving money. This is a healthy, really great way to get some sparemoney. Don’t get used to eating fastfood but rather make it luxury, only eat it once in a while. In a short period of time you will notice that you won’t even crave fast food anymore but a salad instead! Most of people relate healthy eating with dieting. This is not the case. “Healthy eating is not a diet. It means making changes you can live with and enjoy for the rest of your life. Diets are temporary. Because you give up so much when you diet, you may be hungry and think about food all the time. And after you stop dieting, you also may overeat to make up for what you missed.” ( – Healthy eating overview2013). Here’s a great finnish rap song that expresses my thought on healthy eating and fast food 😉 Matti – Murkina Kinaa

The second thing I noticed that save me a ton of money was after the first “party months” became to an end. Our first months in school were to say at least “wet”. We had one party after another and the alcoholic beverages were a part of it. After the “partyseason” was over I noticed a huge difference in my bank account. You don’t even realize how expensive partying is until you stop it! I quit drinking and started to hit the gym five to six times a week. This was probably the best decision off my life. I recommend anybody struggling with their personal finance (concerns also people that are not students) to keep the drinking in a minimum, or even quitting it completely. has calculated how expensive drinking alcohol really is and this is what they had to say: Drinking alcohol is an expensive habit. Depending on your lifestyle, your level of alcoholism, and your poison of choice, you could be spending anywhere from $70 to $300 a week on alcohol and drinking related activities. That’s an average of $3640 to $15,600 a year, or $36,400 to $156,000 over a decade of alcoholism. ( 2012.)

Clearly this student has read my blog! 😉



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  1. meproblogger says:

    Funny but also informative post for non drinking people:)

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