Tips about saving

Each of us dreams of something, maybe taking an international a trip abroad, get a car, a handbag or pair of new shoes. All these wishes require a little extra money, which can be spared. Saving with low income seems impossible, but actually it is not.
It is easy to say that, do not buy anything what you do not really need. Surely it is but I’ll give six pointers for you how to enhance your everyday spending so that you have money left in savings.
Here in Finland food price is quite high. Each of us has to eat something, in order to remain alive. I will give you two pieces of advices on how to save money on grocery-shopping.
1. Prepare food yourself.

Prepare a lot of food one go and freeze a bit of it for later. Larger packs are cheaper than small packs which is why you should absolutely buy bigger packs. Instead of throwing food, you should freeze it and eat the next week. (Frankel 2005, 126.)


2. Visit the food store in the evening.

Go to the shop in the evening about 3 hours before closing (about. 7-9 pm.). Many of stores are selling food supplies which are getting expired on discount. Food can be frozen immediately, or prepare for tomorrow.

Important remind is do not go to store if you are hungry and make a shopping list beforehand.

3. Join the deal sites
In Finland, there are a lots of different deal sites.
The promotion will offer you a new deal every day. Offers discount rates are about 45-90% off the service or product. So take advantage of these promotions.


Examples of deals from facediili websites. “Delicious Nepalese food menu for, only 25 € (instead of 59,90 €) Jun Tara Restaurant. Haircut, wash, treatment and style drying at only € 25 (normally € 81) Glow Studio Hair” ( Päivädiilit).

The prices are hard to compare these days. But in the Internet age reference is highly desirable.

4. Compare!
If you buy something valuable or less valuable, compare prices. Only the foundation of the adjacent stores the price can vary a lot. Online shopping is particularly good because you can compare prices easily. is a good web site for comparison.
5. Put out to tender and centralize


Finland’s tendering for electricity has increased since 2008. The price of electricity has geared between the two companies and that is why a lot of competitive biddings are profitable. However you must be careful, because the transmission of electricity might cost extra. For comparison you can, visit web site This way, you don´t have to call all companies separately. (Wikipedia, Sähkönhinta Suomessa)


All of us Finns have insurances agreements: home insurance, accident insurance and health insurance. Insurance policies are taken for granted, as well as the places from where they are purchased. It is profitable to centralize all your insurances policies and bank services to the same service provider. If your bank has a contract with an insurance company you might want to ask for an offer, so you can get good discounts on centralization bonus. (Op-Pohjola. Vakuutus keskittäminen 2014)


As technology generalize, but also to adjust the emergence of new tools. The newest free application that has entered the market is smart wallet. The apps name is PIVO. PIVO can be installed on the smartphone, and integrates with your payment card. (Osuuspankki Pivo-lompakko)

Pivo helps you to get more out of your current account balance. It lets you always know what you can afford, you can see how your purchases affects on the future of your funds, you will find more detailed information about what you have spent your money and interest, and you will find the most frequently-used service offers fast. (

Pivo operates in real time and notifies you by day, week, month, and tells your average consumption. Balance of the account shall also be notified on a regular basis, so there is no need to log on to online banking.

I recommend Pivo to all those who have difficulty with managing their use of money, and especially if you use a debit card a lot.
This was all my saving tips! I hope you get top tips from savings and, you are closer to your dream.

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  1. tiuhti1 says:

    This blog post is very practical! Useful tips! 🙂

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