The Big Obstacle

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As we all know before there can be a life-long career in accounting and finance there is one big obstacle: the interview. I think I am not alone when I say that job interviews can be quite frightening. Your heart is pumping, hands are shaking and words come out wrong. So I decided to visit the library and find few tips for interviews.

The first book whichbadinterview caught my attention was “Landing the Job You Want: How to Have the Best Job Interview of Your Life” by William C. Byham with Debra Pickett. Asking questions early in the interview helps you determine the job dimensions most important to your interviewer. Such questions will facilitate your conversation and define the business elements central to your discussion (Byham & Pickett 1997, 121.). So what this tells me is that you should remain active during your interview. With the right questions you can easily find out what kind of a person the recruiting company is trying to employ.

This argument is supported also in another source I found: “Marketing Yourself” a book by Dorene Ciletti. When an employer feels comfortable that your product – you – can meet the needs of the organization and successfully fulfill the requirements of the position, you increase your chances of being hired (Ciletti 2004, 252.). As said before the way to make the employer comfortable is to stay active. It is possible that the recruiter does not get the whole picture of your talents without your own activity.

So the key is activity but so is preparation. Without preparation you easily realize after the interview that you did not ask the right questio
ns or that you gave incomplete answers. Roberk K. Critchley opens up about preparation from his own experience in his book “Rewired, Rehired or Retired? A Global Guide for the Experienced Worker”. I believe that you should always write out a clear list of the questions you want to address in an interview, memorize them, ask them, and, finally, refer back to them after the meeting. Which questions worked? Which didn’t (Critchley 2002, 140.)?

To sum it up if you follow these writers hints the obstacle become much smaller. In the ever-changing accounting and finance market activity and preparation are the keys to success. With them you can learn how to avoid obstacles but without them the obstacle remains to be big.

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4 Responses to The Big Obstacle

  1. anttivuo says:

    I personally have a hard time being active and asking questions. I’m constantly thinking “Ask something! Ask something” and then I can’t concentrate on what the interviewer is saying 😀 Maybe I’ll learn some day

  2. jossefredpuolokainen says:

    You have founded really useful tips for job interview. I will definitely use one of these tips. Great blog post!

  3. nikoton says:

    Great tips you got there! The starting of the text is hilarious!

  4. samulisalmela says:

    Those tips can really be useful! Very interesting and easy to read

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