Personal finance – boring?


Financial planning making doesn’t have to be boring. You can be your own life financialBOSS ! And you can take your financial management as a challenge. Set a goal and save your money example for a future holiday or other facilities necessary for the purchase.

Saving money
Few people have so much money that they can buy anything they want to. Saving is a way to make your money go a longer way and that way you will get closer to your goals. By several minor savings you can realize some bigger dreams come true. Saving is stimulating and profitable when it has a goal, such as a new car, bike, apartment or holiday travel for summer 2014. Everyone has their own ways to save and spend money.2

Even if your money isn´t scarce, you can still think about where all the money must therefore put in. Grandma´s advice : you should always be some money in a sock arm for a rainy day is not at all a bad piece of advice. Instead of keeping your money in a sock, you should keep your money at the bank account where it might even bear some interest.
Small shopping greatly increase the spending! These are often impulse purchases, such as candy, chocolate or chips. Try to avoid impulse shopping! These small purchases accumulate a large sum during the year.



Does accounting sound boring?
It doesn´t have to be boring, but as a means to help you to better understand your finances, improve its management and, therefore it a way to planning your income so that you can make some a new purchase with a clear conscience.
Buy a beautiful notebook, or use a computer spreadsheet program. There is not just one right way to carry out financial records, but you can do it the way that suits you the best. It´s important that you post up your household income and expenditure. This information will allow you to better plan ahead. One of the accounting methods is a budget. So try to make yourself a personal budget! If you have a smartphone, you can download money saving apps, so you can keep uppdated where every you are.

Toshl Finance (Android, iOS) puts a cute face on your budget tracker with cartoonish monsters that keep your personal finance while you set your budget and track your expenses. After setting up a Toshl account, you can create your own custom, tagged budget (one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). Quick expense entry, repeat expenses for bills, and exportable expense reports make for a simple but powerful expense logging tool. Additionally, your data syncs to your Toshl account, letting you manage your money across devices or on your desktop. ( Corpuz. 2013)
Personal budgeting can be a good tool when you want to change in your finances under control.
If you need a hand for making your own budget, you can visit pages, where you can find an example forms of the budget-making.

Corpuz, John 2013. 10 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps. Tom´s Guide September 11,2013. Read 2.3.2014.
Kuluttajaliitto 2014. Oma talous. referenced more than one sentence


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    Cool pictures and good points. Good job Hanna!! (:

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    Nice pictures and many different parts that make the text live it’s own liiifeee

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