From rags to riches?


Spending has never been this easy. Only one click on the charge –button and your money disappears from your bank account. Click, just like that. Spending the invisible money seems harmless, doesn`t it? After several shopping trips to the mysterious world of Internet, it can be easy to forget how the money was spent. And the only memory of it will be lying in the back of your closet, untouched.

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But this Internet-based over spending is only a tip of the iceberg. It seems like that the reckless money spending has become our new way of comforting ourselves. Do one click and a little money, equal the way to happiness? Or is it just a shortcut to indebtedness? To me, it is unbelievable how blissfully unaware so many people are when it comes to money. Yes, this doesn’t concern everybody but rather the part of the population who constantly hear themselves asking: “where did my money disappear again?”  Well try looking into your closet and then you may know. In reality these people are not poor they are just poor at using money.

When spending your dime is so easy why isn’t it also easy to save? Doesn’t the saying: “ a penny saved is a penny earned” apply anymore? Those times when saving was a virtue are gone and the time of spending the money is ruling. Only, our spending is reaching to a very critical point where we can’t really even control it ourselves. The television, nowadays, is full of shows where people with serious money problems are learning how to save and use money more responsibly. That is something I see parents teaching to their five-year old kids.  So how can it be possible for twenty-five year olds not to know how to spend responsibly?


We truly are the new shopping generation. The book “Whatever Happened to Thrift? : Why Americans Don’t Save and What to Do about It”, is predicting very dark future for the generation who “spend their riches today”. The book even suggests that a great depression like in 1930´s is at our door, but I dare to disagree. It is true that we are in the need of better guidelines for our reckless spending, but the future still holds something good. People nowadays are being educated better than ever before and the recent recession is still fresh in people’s mind. I am sure that these two things make people want to be more safe than sorry.

In the end the key to understanding the consequences of saving and spending is to understand the objects behind it. Said objects wary greatly, but they always have one thing common: the will to gain something. So it helps to think what is the thing you gain and is it worth it.  Also having a couple of tricks in your sleeve when entering the world of shiny new things might get you out without going bankrupt. Learn the every-shopping-girls-savior-mantra: “do I really need this” and you might be just in time to salvage your thinning wallet. Always remember that the joy of the shiny new things might be nice for a while but it the end it doesn’t keep you warm at nights. Learning these is the right way to a more responsible spending.



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