Suitable jobs for bachelor of business administration graduates


This blog post is about what kind of jobs bachelors of business administration (BBA) could do after graduation. There are a lot of jobs where BBA could get employed to. Possible employment places may be the internship places. Internships are included to every students’ individual study plan. This is why students’ should choose a meaningful internship because it can be useful in the future. No matter what, previous working experience is also important. If a student has worked as a cashier, it means that he or she couldn’t start with controllers work tasks. It’s natural to start with simple tasks. Next, I will let you know about some possible jobs for accounting and finance BBAs. Work tasks are illustrative examples so the work tasks will vary depending on the company.



An accounts payable clerk

An accounts payable clerk takes care of the company’s purchase invoices. Tasks include posting, processing and transfering invoices. An accounts payable clerk also scans and saves invoices to the system. Also updating company’s supplier registry may be one of the accounts payable functions.

An accountant

An accountant’s tasks are usually related to accounting. Daily accounting belongs to accountant’s job description. It includes book entries, bank connections, financial statements, reporting tasks and taxation issues. Accountant is also involved preparing company’s budget and providing reports of budget tracking. (Te-palvelut, Ammattinetti, Kirjanpitäjä, 2014.)

An invoice clerk

An invoice clerk does the company’s sales invoices. Monitoring remittances and sending payment reminders are included to the invoice clerk. Sometimes an invoice clerk may do a mistake, so then customer needs a credit note which is also one of the invoice clerks task. Processing travel expense reports are usually invoicing department’s responsibility. (Kohti digitaalista taloushallintoa, 90.)

A payroll clerk

A payroll clerk is responsible for the calculation and payment of salaries. A payroll clerk does also the settlement of accounts which authorities require. Employee in payroll needs to be ready to respond all types of questions which are related to payroll. A payroll clerk is responsible for taking care of staff’s fringe benefits and all kind of staff benefits, such as the massage. (Taloushallinnon perusteet – Kirjanpidon ja tilinpäätöksen perusteet, 64.)




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  1. henskup says:

    Nice and easy-going blog post. This subject is current and the examples of jobs were good.

  2. anttivuo says:

    I want a massage, too. 😛

  3. viuhti1 says:

    Good and relevabt post. Interesting subject.

  4. winsentti says:

    Very informative and topical blog post!

  5. jennakae says:

    Very interesting topic! Simple and not too long. Easy to read.

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