Erasers attack!

When talking about studies people usually say that, you should to make your pick of education according your interest, not according the amount of money you would make. If your personal decision was to start studying accounting and finance, it was the same as mine. It was probably mainly based on the thought that there is work on that market and that market desperately needs those Bachelors of Business Administration who have studied Accounting and Finance. That thought might have motivated you and made you to focus on your studies even when the assignments might have been dull and boring. It was good to think that your future would be assured.

That ideal thought of what it could be like keeps ruining a little by little, all the time. You can follow a stream of bad news that exists because economy gets weaker. The press is running around wildly and newspapers and news reports are full of news about redundancy and labour force cuts. What makes the situation even alarming for you is that often foregoing bad news focuses on the field of Accounting and Finance. For example, recently there have been a lot of talk about workers who have been faced redundancies by the banks and insurance companies.

Think about the causes of this anxious situation, there are many of them. The easiest way to claim is that the world wide economy is getting weaker and that forces entrepreneurs to reduce their expenditures that often affects negatively also into the labour force. Other reasons for work places’ perishing could be caused by entrepreneur’s target of profitability by making sacrifices. … Or the sacrifices are done just because of entrepreneurs or management’s greed. In addition the much-wanted technological development and digitization of which people are so crazy about is actually one of the causes that wipes away employment of Accounting and Finance.

Competition of the remaining work places in accounting and finance that are left would be pretty tough, especially when you are trying to achieve some certain meaningful job. Having good relationships with right person in work markets will help you to get a job and keep climbing up the ladders but without knowing anyone the process gets harder. Sometimes it is just a luck that helps you with your work life.

The insecure situation of the work markets may have a bad influence to your motivation and your interest toward studying. I can suggest two options for you. Either you can wallow in yourself and bawl your nasty destination and just bury whatever still remains of your motivation OR you can focus on your strengths and do your best and trust yourself. As tempting as the first one sounds, remember that the situation is only barely better in other fields of operations.

Who knows if you will build your own empire some day?

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