Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not only a way to make money

In the world of an entrepreneur, education and the right backgrounds aren’t enough. I personally think that the key to success comes from within you. With this I mean that you should be driven and have the right passion towards your goal. When you put the right attitude and knowledge together it’s usually a success. Oh, and you should not forget to have a great business idea or a great plan to achieve it.

Usually the Startup phase is the hardest and many great ideas and master plans collapse. I think the biggest problem is that you don’t trust in your idea anymore. This could be because you have had some problems on your way or you don’t have anyone to give you a boost. “Surround yourself with good people who believe in what you’re doing” was said by Sir Richard Branson at Nordic Business Forum 2012.

At least when building a new business with someone else, the one you choose to become partners with is a very, very big deal. Within this link http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231988 you will find 5 tips for picking the right partner. Some say it is even harder to find the right partner for business than for a relationship.

As an entrepreneur you don’t know the term 40-hour –workweek. This doesn’t come in line with every entrepreneur but I could say that with most of the successful ones it’s true. When you work your tail off it helps you to achieve the things you are after. For example what separates a work phone and your personal phone? The answer is easy. Your work phone is your personal phone. This means that if you get a call at 9 pm or 5 am you are at work. The same thing is not with a normal worker with a 40-hour –workweek. If you try to reach them after working hours your call is probably directed to a voice saying that we are opened from 9 am to 16 pm, please leave a message.

Of course some entrepreneurs aren’t so keen on success or money. This is the reason why I said that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. If you want to make big and succeed financially it means that you have to be committed towards your work. Sometimes your situation in life is not only about work.

The main thing why I love entrepreneurship so much is that if you want to lay down and have a brake, that’s okay. Just don’t be greedy when you take a break. Keep the business running meanwhile, by hiring someone to do the work for you. When the employee is chosen correctly you know that you can trust him and you don’t have to worry about your company while you are on your holiday. So just take your socks off and book a flight and relax at the Caribbean ocean. At least that is what I would do.

Last I would like to post a perfect video for anyone who is starting their business. The video is a real mind-opening experience from Brian Tracy. You always need money to finance your business and in this video Brian Tracy tells you 10 ways to finance and start your own business.


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One Response to Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not only a way to make money

  1. seijamikkonen says:

    Very good points about being an entrepreneur, and a good video about financing your business.

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