To develop their skills outside of work, and the benefit they work

Erica Dahlberg is the manager for the Software and Electronics department in Linköping and Norrköping, in Sweden. She has really enjoyed working there, every day of the week

She has a very uncommon hobby. She is a baton twirling judge. The baton twirling sport is a mix of dance and gymnastics where the baton is your tool. You toss it, twirl it and roll it in an infinite number of ways. What she has learned from this sport is that you have to prepare mentally for each competition. No situation is like the other.

“The mental preparation is often carried out while lying down on the floor with your eyes closed. You listen to the piece of music that your routine is accompanied with and you see yourself perform perfectly in your mind. The beauty of this mental practice is that your brain will actually send the same signals to your body and muscles as if you were performing. Your brain cannot differentiate between a perfect event on the competition floor and the same event in your imagination. So when you are performing your routine at a competition, you will feel that this has been done before, many times, at this very event.”- She speaks.

What does this teach us? Everything is created twice. First you can create it in your mind and after a lot of thinking you will implement the thought in real life.

Think about that for a second. If you cannot imagine yourself to succeed with a difficult task, you will most probably not be able to. On the other hand there are many things that you can imagine yourself executing perfectly which can be the beginning of a new skill.

I like this thought that it all starts in your head. The possibility is there and the more you dream and wish for, the more goals you believe in, the more you can expect will happen in your near future. It is very motivating to understand that you have already done part of the job while imagining the future in your mind.

You have probably heard the old saying “Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”. It’s a good start to be able to wish, dream and create plans. There are no limits in your mind. You can become exactly what you want. And I really wish you all do, as this is the first step towards reaching it. The next step is to create a ladder to climb, with different milestones along its way. When you see the ladder clearly, the most difficult part has been achieved. You can just climb and the climbing is made easy when you have the ladder.

Some people think of work as if they are lifting heavy stones the whole day long. Others see that we are building a cathedral. Can you see your work cathedral? Are the unfinished parts clear in your mind? Can you see the spire at the top? Do the windows glow in all different colors? Take a moment every now and then and dream. This is the beginning. There is no end.

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7 Responses to To develop their skills outside of work, and the benefit they work

  1. annika0513 says:

    This blog post rally got me thinking. What you wrote is true. If you think that something is too difficult and out of your league you are going nowhere. It is easier to underestimate our talents, strenghts than to work for our coals and dreams. People tend to use their strenghts to hide their weaknesses but in the end this won´t help you to achieve the things you want from life. Working towards your dreams requires courage. Positive thinking will help you on your journey.

  2. marjasusannafalck says:

    Really good post. It is reminder that we have to visualize first where we want to go for example in our career. It easier to find ways to get where you want if you first know what is that you want. It is good some times to slow down and think for a while were to go.

  3. nanagraf says:

    This is a good post, but I don’t agree with writer. You have to work at work. You don’t have so much free time to imagine things if you are really working, not just spitting around. At work you have to do your duties well as professional. Surely you have to enjoy what you’re doing because that’s your choice. You have to have a goal in your mind that is what is the most important thing in the world. If you have a clear goal that you’re reaching you don’t need an extra stimulation.
    What do you think guys?

    Best regards


  4. maariterving says:

    I really like this post. The sentence “First you can create it in your mind and after a lot of thinking you will implement the thought in real life” is good. It recalls to me one period in my life. I worked at Keilaniemi about nine years and I went to work by public vehicles every day. A round trip takes 2,5-3 hours a day and in the beginning of this period I usually read some newspapers or just looked out of the window in the bus and the train. I was always very busy at the work, so I wasn’t pleased about this long commute until I realized that I can exploit this travel time and plan my duties. Usually I didn’t use my computer, I just planned the duties in my mind. When I went to the office I had a clear picture what I will do and how. It works very well and gave me more time to focus on the duties where I need the office facilities. So, in my opinion well planned is almost done.

  5. hannalatvus says:

    Thank you for your blog post, great reminder that we should stop to think where we are going once in a while. Like Nana, I don’t think that there is a moment to dream at workplace,in my opinion this method is best to use when planning your life in a big picture. Summertime and summer vacation are a great possibility to give our brains some rest and dream.

  6. olgator says:

    Julia your blog is very interesting.
    So, as for me, I agree with Nana. Sometimes it`s good to dream, to think and imagine something you want to be in the future. But if I really wish something in my life, first I dream or think about it. Then I “see” the object and do my best (I mean work a lot) to gain it. I prefer less romantic, more work.

    Best regards,


  7. marikaim says:

    I would love to brave enough to create many dreams for future, but im afraid i’m too realistic. I live one day at a time. I think it is because my life has been full of suprises and sometimes suprises have not been so nice.
    I have some goals (such as education) and i’m working my ass of to achieve what i want. I still don’t consider those goals as dreams. They are more like a way to survive in this cruel world 😉
    I know, my life sounds boring but my biggest dream is that my family stays healthy and close to me ass long as possible.

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